Meal Plans

*Disclaimer: These testimonials and results are not guarantees of the results that you may experience. Results may vary.

MARTIN UY – @iammartinuy

*After 8 weeks on the Lean & Mean program for Men, Martin has lost 20lbs and moved from a size 36 to 32.


RHIAN RAMOS – @WhianWamos

*”So happy with the diet I’ve been doing.. You really see results and I’ve also been having fun showing it off to my family, we eat together and when they taste my food, they’re impressed with how tasty nutritious food could be. especially their quinoa meals”

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MARQUIS MISA – @marquismisa

*Marquis lost 8lbs in 4 weeks and achieved her goal weight.
“The team was so great and the food was delicious. They guided me through the process, I stuck to the plan and it worked. Thank you Team Healthy House.”


DIVINE MAITLAND-SMITH – @divine_msmith

*After 3 Weeks on the Natual Weight Loss Program for Women, Divine achieved her goal of losing 5 lbs.
Divine achieved her weight loss by being dedicated to her nutrition program and training 2-3 times a week.
“The Healthy House took such great care of me, not just with the food but making sure I did everything I stayed on track with my goals and keeping me motivated.”

The Healthy House

FRANK BRIONES – @frankbriones

*After 10 Days on the Lean & Mean Program
Frank achieved his transformation by being dedicated to his nutrition program and training regularly.
“I love The Healthy House, the food is great but I’m even happier with the results.”

The Healthy House


*After 4 weeks on Lean & Mean program, Vincent was able to lose 8 lbs. This picture is of him in April 2014, to October 2014, where he lost 23 lbs (8 lbs with the healthy house) and went from a size 38 to 31.


LONG PINEDA – @lspineda

*”I signed up with Healthy House primarily because I had to bring down my cholesterol levels and lose at least 15lbs (doctor’s order). I was pleasantly surprised with the varied menu and was amazed at how tasty their food turned out to be! I never realized that trying to lose weight would be such a pleasant experience. I look forward to my daily meals from Healthy House which I know will always be a treat. I just had my laboratory tests and am happy to report that my cholesterol levels are now below the acceptable ceiling of 5,0 and my doctor has stopped my cholesterol meds. Oh, did I mention that I’ve already lost 8 lbs since I started with Healthy House. Mrs. Long Pineda Vice President of Rizal Microbank (RCBC)”.



*Joanne lost 7bs in 3 weeks.
“I really enjoyed my program. The team was very caring and professional. The Healthy House may be pricey but there’s not a finer diet program in the country today.”


AMADEO LEANDRO – @amadeoleandro

*Amadeo lost 5lbs and was able to reduce his body fat percentage from 15% to 10% in just under 3 weeks.
“The food and service is perfect, everything I could ever ask for. I achieved my goal in just a few weeks and it was easy”

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BRITTANY LU – @brittlu

*Brittany lost 6lbs in 3 weeks.
“With summer around the corner I did my diet with The Healthy House to get back into my bikini and feel comfortable with myself. I usually fail at dieting but the food was delicious and my coaches were amazing at keeping me honest through every step of the way.”

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KATARINA RODRIGUEZ – @katarinarodri

*”After just a few days on my program I felt so much lighters and more energised. After a few weeks the difference was amazing.”


SAM AJDANI – @samajdani

*”I approached The Healthy House because I was looking for a diet company that could cater to my needs as I maintain a strict diet and training program. I had tried other companies before but I wasn’t satisfied with the food I was being  I was so surprised how they not only provided exactly what I needed but surpassed my expectations in terms of taste and nutritional quality.”

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“We are so proud to recommend what we offer at The Healthy House, because we are direct results of the meal plans that we sell. We too are customers of The Healthy House.”



*”I live a very busy lifestyle, which involves late nights at taping, work sometimes 7 days a week. For someone like me it should be impossible at times to stay in shape, but with The Healthy House it is easy. I am truly lucky that I have The Healthy House preparing these great meals every day.”



*Aly lost 8lbs in 3 weeks.
“As I recovered from back to back ACL surgeries, I spent a lot of time on the couch getting the rest that I needed. I also gained plenty of weight from my inability to move and exercise. As I started my rehab, losing the excess weight was wonderfully easy with the help of The Healthy House. I am also feeling generally healthier than ever before.”

Aly Borromeo


*”For a long time I dreamed of having a personal chef who could prepare my meals the way that I need. This service is a dream come true for me.”