Weight Loss Fundamentals


People always ask us for the best weight loss tips and secrets, and the best secret that we can give is that there is no secret. Stop looking for short cuts and start focusing on the basics. It is always the best place to start and always the best place to revisit when you hit a plateau.

Here are the 6 fundamentals of weight loss:

  1. Know your healthy weight and write it down

Your healthy weight depends on your height and body type. Once you know your healthy weight, write it down so you will always be reminded to stay within that range or for you to know what a healthy goal is. Here is a great ideal weight calculator.

  1. Correct your eating habits

Do you eat junk food too regularly? Miss breakfast too often? Or, eat late at night? Try avoiding these bad eating habits and take the time to learn about healthy eating for yourself. It is purely YOUR responsibility to give your body what it needs to be healthy and keep yourself away from the doctors office.
Always try to prepare your own meals at home or if you can use a meal plan from The Healthy House.

  1. Increase fruits, vegetables, water, sleep.

Nourishment is everything when it comes to building a healthy body. Most people do not eat enough fruit and vegetables to give the body the nourishment that it needs. Fruits and vegetables also provide fiber which is great for keeping a healthy stomach.

Our body also needs plenty of water and sleep to function optimally, which will help make achieving weight loss much easier.

  1. Exercise regularly

This is no secret, exercise is such an important part of decreasing your body fat percentage and developing lean muscle mass. Set at least 30 minutes each day for your workouts and focus more on high intensity training over weight training. Start looking at your workouts as an expression of your health and not an obligation, and you will begin to enjoy the feeling that you get when you workout.

Side note: The best time to workout is whenever you actually will. Never workout 2 to 3 hours before going to bed as it may disrupt the quality of your sleep.

  1. Monitor your progress

The simple act of recording progress on a weekly basis, improves the likelihood of achieving weight loss. We don’t recommend being obsessed with what you see on the scales but it is always a good thing to be self aware.

A weight loss rate of 1 to 2 lbs a week is considered healthy.

  1. Maintain, don’t gain.

It is always easier to maintain weight than it is to lose weight. So don’t waste your efforts, once you’ve achieved your goal, maintain it.


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